The Petition Letter

To make sure that the petition letter will be dealt on fast, the petitioner should carefully decide what he or she wants to bring forward and in which way the addressed institution may help. Furthermore the language of the petition letter as well as the accompanying campaign have to follow a correct and serious approach. The petition format as well as the key points of the petition’s content are clear – but how does the petition reach the proper public authority?

Elaborateness brings the Petition Letter forward

Petition Letter

Petition by Dominique Darcy CC

The recipient should be chosen with care: What is the point of assuming cruelty to animals and not bringing it forward to the responsible office in town but right to the government of a country? On the other side the petitioner has to keep his or her case at the court when he or she wants to file an objection against a decision – and not to go to another town office to state his issue there again. As you can see the addressee is as important as the precise formulation and composition of the petition letter. By means of an elaborate research the petition may be dealt with fast to be transferred to the most important contact persons.

It is not always easy to find out the right addressee for an issue. Help may be provided by the internet, the phone books or the directory inquiry. If there are any problems in finding the right information the staff of the public authorities will assist to pass the petition into the proper direction. Of course the longer it takes to send the petition letter to to the proper addressee the longer one will have to wait for any decisions made.

Possible Addressees for the Petition Letter

To summarize it up the petition letter may be sent to every institution of the political authorities of a country, but also to every other official office of a state administration. This for example includes the public health department or the supervisory school authority, the public authority responsible for aliens or other public institutions. Furthermore institutions that provide the public with statutory benefits like a health insurance company may also be contacted.