How to make a Petition

When the petition is ready it may be sent either by mail, an online-form or e-mail. Another option would be to fax it. It is important that every petition by mail or fax contains the name and the address of the petitioner as well as his or her signature. When the petition is sent via e-mail the signature may be left out.

To receive many signatures it is recommendable to start an online petition so that the petition may be discussed and signed by many other interested people.

collecting signatures

Getting Signatures for Employee Free Choice Act Petition by Thomas Harrison CC

The Proceedings of the Committee on Petitions

The requirement for a further treatment of a petition of course is the approval of it by the Committee on Petitions. Everyone owns the right for a treatment of his or her petition. If an institution does not want to deal with it the petitioner may sue out that it is dealt with.

The Committee first of all examines if the petition format is acceptable and if there is no lack of any required data. The members of staff have a close look at the content, specific documents and eventually interview representatives of the affected institutions. In the course of this process the petition is registered under a specific number. Afterward it is retreated by a member of staff who exhibits the specialized knowledge for the presented matter. This expert examines the cogency of the petition. If everything turns out to be appropriate the Committee on Petitions sends out a positive reply to the petitioner – otherwise he or she will receive a negative reply against which one may file a protest within a certain period of time. If the deadline for this is missed the proceedings will be closed.

If the Committee on Petitions decides that a petition is of a great relevance for the public, it is discussed in greater detail at the responsible administration until this comes to a final conclusion, may it be positive or negative for the petitioner.

If the petitioner has got any questions he or she may bring them forward to the Committee of Petitions anytime.